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Klare Potter

Thank you! Thank you for improving my business and taking my grooming to a whole new level. The classes I’ve taken have been inspirational and …

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Jeanette Anson

I have recently seen multiple posts from groomers suffering from cracked, dry, sore, sometimes even bloody split hands. Everyone blames winter….but what I just recently …

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Helpful Info

HELPFUL INFORMATION GET OPTIMAL RESULTS Our recommendation on “How to Bathe a Dog”. Includes our recommended product usage chart! FAST SKIN/COAT REFERENCES THE SCIENCE OF …

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Mineral Red Reconstruction Kit

These days, more and more pets have allergy and skin problems. We also see depletion of the hair structure due to pollution, lack of regular …

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Special Grooming Techniques

Close-Open-Close Technique There are many other coat issues, besides allergies and skin issues, you see every day, and we have solutions for those as well. …

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Special Recipes

Mix products together to create your own ointment or spray. When doing a therapy regiment, offering something for the client to take home and apply …

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Hydro-Massage Ozone Therapy Machine

Iv San Bernard USA is the exclusive US distributor for the amazing, one-of-a-kind Hydro-Massage Ozone Therapy Machine for pets. Using the Ozone Machine during a …

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Horse Treatments

In the topical treatment of horses whether for maintenance or therapy, it is important to keep in mind the science of skin in general.

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Our Therapeutic Line contains products to treat skin issues and the resulting hair loss, and bring the skin and hair back to a proper pH. …

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