Coke’s Story By Marni Hills

          Getting a glimpse into the world of Iv San Bernard trained professionals in other countries is quite fascinating. Here is …

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“Abbott’s Story” By: Marni Hills

“I told you Chris¸ I really don’t see the value of paying so much money for an ‘Ozone Machine.’ How much difference can it really …

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Besides our Core Products – Routine Bathing, Allergy, and Therapy  – Iv San Bernard has products to address just about any situation that walks in …

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To Shave or Not to Shave

Shaving dogs is done for many reasons. There is definitely a time and place but more often than not, it is done for the wrong …

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Get Relief from Hormonal Skin Disease

We often see skin problems in older pets that are due to changes in their metabolism. This change can be caused by the thyroid gland …

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Common Failures of Skin Treatments

Even under the best circumstances, not all therapies will work. The most common reason for failure is not the products, but usually an underlying condition …

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Re-Think How You Apply Product

Iv San Bernard teaches to leave shampoo and conditioner on for 5 minutes to get the most efficiency from the product, however the sequence of …

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Why Whisk??

We recommend using a bowl and whisk to mix our products. Why? If you whisk it enough, you will create a foam, or meringue, which …

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Why Flea and Tick Pour-on Products Need Sebum

Most pour-on tick and flea products are alcohol based. This alcohol mixes with the sebum of the skin and hair and disperses over the body. …

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