Train To Become A Certified Pet Aesthetician!

Iv San Bernard Spa Therapies Grooming Certification

“To become a Certified Pet Aesthetician there are 3 modules.”
Module One – 2nd Edition!

The Science Of Skin Video Learning Series! $224.99

Purchase the The Science of Skin video learning series for an in-depth education on Foundation of Coat Science, the needs of the Short, Medium and Long Coats, Therapies and much more! Once you have finished the series, take the tests to receive a Science of Skin Completion Certificate and then move onto the next module. (These videos are for EVERYONE even if you are not interested in the CPA program.)

“After 20+ years of grooming pets, I found myself feeling a bit like I was living the movie Groundhog Day. Every day was the same as the last. I was ready to start feeling like I was making a difference in the health of the dogs I was grooming instead of just bathing and Styling them. The Certified Pet Aesthetician course was exactly what I needed to jump start my career and get me excited about my business again. After watching the very first DVD my business changed. The way I had been taught to bathe, the products I had always used, the methods I had used for over 20 years ALL OF IT immediately changed. I was seeing Improvement in the troubled skin that I had been putting a Band-Aid on for years. This course has given me the knowledge to make the dogs I groom healthier. The team at Iv San Bernard has been an invaluable resource in every aspect of this course as well as the business changes I have implemented since completing my certification.” Jeanette Anson -CPAe, Dressed To Impress Doggie Spa “I learned a lot more about skin and hair care than I thought I would. It is also broken down into small enough sections that make it easy to retain the information.” -Tina Crawford, Certified Pet Aesthetician – THE DOG ZONE

2 DVDs or 1 USB Drive Video

Full color illustrated workbook

Testing for 1 student: a $60 value!

The Science of Skin Certificate of Completion

Designer storage box


  • Foundation of Coat Science
  • Needs of the Short Coat
  • Needs of the Medium Coat
  • Needs of the Long Coat
  • Defining Coat Types
  • Learning Skin Therapies
  • Skin Diseases

Includes never before offered extras!

Get a CERTIFICATE! Once the tests are passed you will receive a certificate for passing the first module (The Science of Skin) and you may move on to the next module.

The videos may be viewed by anyone at the same location however the price includes testing for just 1 person. If additional persons wish to test, they may do so for $60. You must contact a sales representative to order additional tests at 855-464-8726–have your package serial number ready located on the box, in the booklet, or the original testing certificate!

Module Two- By Invitation Only

Case Study​

MODULE TWO:$220 per student

To proceed into Module Two of our Certified Pet Aesthetician Program you must receive an invitation after completing the Science of Skin DVD learning series and passing the tests.

Once you receive your invitation contact one of our sales representatives at 855-464-8726 to get signed up for Module 2. Have your credit card ready to process your student fee and ONE TIME 50% product discount! It is recommended you are by a computer for this phone call so the sales rep. can show recommended products to fit your needs. In order to perform therapy case studies and maintenance procedures you must have the proper supplies. (You are not required to buy more product if you already use our products however, this is a one-time, below wholesale purchasing price for students only-it will be the best deal you get on products) You will also be able to purchase the ozone machine at this time at special student pricing.

To pass this Module you will be supplied with an Instructional Manual in order to submit a minimum of 2 case studies based on therapies, 3 maintenance procedures for each coat type, medical records keeping, medical terminology and will be tested on an evaluation of the tools and products used for the case studies and procedures.

Canadian residents must contact the Canadian ISB supplier for products. The CA supplier sells products individually and prices will vary.

To purchase MODULE 2 and discounted product please contact us at 855.464.8726

Hydro-Massage Ozone Machines are offered at a deep discount for participants in this program please contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this one-time offer for participants in the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program. Using Ozone greatly decreases the recovery time!

Module Three

On-Site Training & Testing $600

We have increased class time from 2.5 days to THREE FULL DAYS! and we now include lunches and snacks while in class.

Your Final Steps To Graduation!

By Invitation Only!

ON-SITE TRAINING and TESTING at ISB Grooming School located in Animal Health Services Veterinary Hospital in Cave Creek, AZ.*

Date: November 5th-7th, 2021

You must have your Module 2 case studies post marked and mailed one month before testing. Please do not make travel arrangements until you are notified if you passed or not. Questions? Please email:

Contact to get invited to the Module 3 testing schedule. You must pass Module 2 in order to schedule testing.

Spend 3 days at our ISB USA Grooming Spa and get hands-on training with Suzanne Marchetti and Dr. Cliff Faver.

Day One: Classroom Lessons: Skin and Coat science, Medical Applications. (or wet labs may be interchanged)

Day Two: 1/2 day review, one on ones with Suzanne Marchetti, Hands-On Wet Labs (Days 1 and 2 may be interchanged based on DVM availability)

Day Three: Testing & Marketing your certification, Diploma Presentation

Your testing and training will be evaluated by a Suzanne Marchetti ,Certified Pet Aesthetician, and Cliff Faver, DVM. Once you have passed your testing, you will receive an ISB Certified Pet Aesthetician Document and Certificate authorized by a DVM on the ISB education board. By completing this program you not only will be a unique and qualified ISB Certified Pet Aesthetican, with the skills to be a spa therapies groomer, you will also receive spa marketing education and materials to announce to the world about your certification and what makes you different.

“This has been a priceless experience and a journey I’m so happy to have made. I’ve had a great support along the way and feel vastly improved now as a professional. I can’t wait to return to AMCV and better serve both my pet and human clients.” – Rachel Ihlenfeldt, Certified Pet Aesthetician – ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER of the VILLAGE”

To get started you must have completed Module 2 and received your grade and invitation to move forward into Module 3. Once you have, please contact our sales representative to pay for your Module 3 855-464-8726 and to get on the schedule.

*students responsible for travel, after class dining and housing fees. Module 3 tuition NON-REFUNDABLE.

*Lunch and snacks will be provided during classroom time.*