Do you find your horse exceptionally jumpy? Or acting like something is bothering him but you can’t figure out why? He was fine before you put the saddle on… It could be salt.

Horses sweat, which leaves salt crystals on the skin. These crystals can accumulate in your saddle blanket and cinches. So every time any of the equipment moves against their skin, the horse feels as if their skin is being rubbed with a heavy grit sand paper. Can you blame them for being jumpy?!

You can do some routine care to avoid this problem. Wash, or at least rinse out, your cinches and saddle blankets on a regular basis. And always make sure they are dry before using them again or the problem could get even worse.

In addition to washing out your gear, you should bathe and condition your horse after riding or working. This not only cleans the salt off, it also adds back the oils that are protecting the skin. By doing this, you create a healthy barrier so the skin is not as vulnerable to dryness, allergens, and environmental toxins.

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