Mineral Mist w bottle

Mineral Mist–To Help the Hair and Skin.

There are four mineral lotions; 2 for hair that provide the raw materials for hair growth and to strengthen hair shaft. Great for regrowing hair from shave downs, matt removals, injuries and much more! And 2 mineral lotions for skin that boost the skin’s immune system and provides an anti-bacterial effect.

  • Vitamina H Lotion – Trace minerals and vitamins that work on the hair bulb that give raw materials for hair growth
  • Reinforce Lotion – Vitamins that work directly on existing hair to strengthen hair shaft and support the coat.
  • Oligo Elements – building blocks of skin and hair. Also boosts immune system by providing minerals that are necessary for body systems to communicate with each other.
  • Anti-itch Lotion – Anti-bacterial & Anti-Itch

Directions for mixing
Pour equal amounts of each (a capful works well) in a 2oz spray bottle and apply onto a clean dry pet onto the affected areas and let absorb. For more information please call our product consultant at x 705

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