A Message from Dr. Faver

Getting Started with Iv San Bernard

“You are about to embark on a product line that is nothing like anything else you have ever seen. These products were designed by some of the top cosmetologists in the world using the highest quality ingredients available and based on the actual science of skin. This product line is not made in China or farmed out to the lowest bidder. Products are made with quality ingredients in order to get the best results. As a veterinarian, I feel this is the missing link in treating skin conditions. We understand and teach that skin is a barrier to keep environmental toxins out, but we forget this barrier works both ways. As a profession, we continue to try to treat from the inside out. The secret to healthy skin is we also need to be treating from the outside in. It is well known when dealing with any living organism, there are a lot of complex interactions between cells and chemical compounds to keep the organism alive. This sounds very ominous, so that is why we get down to the basics so even the novice can have great results. As you learn and add to your skill set, your results just get better. So as I always state, I can give a recipe just like cooking a meal, but that recipe doesn’t make you a chef. In order to become a chef, you need to understand the “why” or the science of what you do. That is the reason we created the Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aesthetician (CPAe) program – to teach you the “why” in what you do. With this knowledge you will be able to create your own recipes/treatments that are customized for the pet (from rodent to horse to beyond).”

So, How Do You Get Started?

First, I will always recommend Module 1 of the CPAe program. Knowledge is power and the more you gain, the better results you will have. I recommend the whole certification, but Module 1 should be required of all bathers, receptionists, and groomers. This will show your clientele your salon’s desire to be the best, as well as WOWing them with the increased levels of knowledge and professionalism.

Next, I recommend you get product and start learning how it works. Three basic product lines I recommend are regular maintenance lines, allergy (or dry, itchy, sensitive skin products) and therapy lines.

Maintenance Bathing Lines: These are for the routine baths whether you are doing basic spa bathing to luxury bathing: Traditional (LemonBananaGreen AppleTalcGreen Tomato), Mineral RedBlack Passion, and Caviar.