Mane and tail care is very important in maintaining the overall beauty of our horses (not to mention critical for defense against flies). But often, they are not correctly cared for. One common practice that causes issues is dry brushing a main or tail. When a hair is dry, it is very brittle and it lacks elasticity. Brushing in this manner often breaks or pulls out the hair.

In order to have a great mane and tail, it is very important that you start with keeping the hair clean with a quality shampoo designed for the horse and then follow it with a hydrating, strengthening conditioner like Orange PEK. Just doing this will often prevent the mane/tail from tangling or dread locking. If you find you want to brush it out in-between baths, then we recommend a light mist of H270 which will help your comb glide through the hair.

If you already have hair loss and need to regrow hair, first you have to address the issue causing the hair loss. Once that is accomplished, our Mineral H shampoo and pH Balance conditioner combination is amazing to stimulate hair growth. We have clients report up to 6” growth in one month’s time.

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