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Re-Think How You Apply Product

Iv San Bernard teaches to leave shampoo and conditioner on for 5 minutes to get the most efficiency from the product, however the sequence of …

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Why Whisk??

We recommend using a bowl and whisk to mix our products. Why? If you whisk it enough, you will create a foam, or meringue, which …

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Why Flea and Tick Pour-on Products Need Sebum

Most pour-on tick and flea products are alcohol based. This alcohol mixes with the sebum of the skin and hair and disperses over the body. …

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Getting the Most from Your Shampoo

Many of you may be frustrated with the amount of shampoo you use and yet the dogs just aren’t as clean as you would like. …

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Quantity Control – You Don’t Need that Much

By far the biggest learning curve when you start using Iv San Bernard products is mentally gearing down as to how little you need to …

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Gently Resolve Demodectic Mange

Many people do not like treating their dog with heavy chemicals or strong medications when it has demodectic mange. Numerous people have successfully used our …

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Why Some Skin Infections Just Won’t Go Away

Often you will have pets who have a bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection that is being treated, but the problem just never seems to go …

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No Blue Dish Soap Please! Degreasing a Pet

Very commonly we are faced with that greasy or greasy/smelling pet and we reach for the dish soap to solve the problem. In reality, if …

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Clipper-Free Option for Matted Hair

The most common reason for matted hair is dry hair where the hair shaft cortex opens up from lack of sebum. Once this occurs, the …

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