Coke’s Story By Marni Hills

Getting a glimpse into the world of Iv San Bernard trained professionals in other countries is quite fascinating. Here is a wonderful story out of Zhengzhou China.

Coke is a six-year-old black Chow that had been suffering with terrible skin issues for about a year. His owner Chen Chen was very distressed by Coke’s condition. Coke had been seen by a vet who was unable to pronounce any specific diagnosis. The vet prescribed medicated shampoo baths and different steroid shots but nothing was working. Chen was also upset because people that saw him walking Coke on the street would cast disapproving looks and shake their heads as if to say “you don’t know how to take care of your dog!”

One day Chen’s neighbor mentioned that she had heard about a product line called Iv San Bernard and experts trained to use them at certain grooming salons. Chen researched and found the closest salon was Sweet Pet Store in Nanyang—but that was an hour away from his house and he had no car. He telephoned the Sweet pet salon and spoke with ISB professional Lishan¸ who convinced him that she could help Coke. Chen rented a car and drove to the salon for Coke’s first therapy session.

Six year old Chow “Coke” when Lishan first met him on June 9

Lishan was shocked to see Coke’s skin and coat in such bad shape. It turns out Coke’s owner had been taking him to a groomer that did not know the proper way to care for a double-coated dog – Chen related that the groomer would shave Coke from time to time¸ and was bathing Coke with cheap shampoos and did not use any conditioner. In a misguided effort to help Coke¸ Chen had been taking him to the groomer every couple weeks and it was doing more harm than good.

Lishan had been an ISB pro for several years¸ trained by Joanna Yeh—who is Iv San Bernard’s Chief of Asia Professional Teacher –Joanna consulted with Lishan on this case. Their first step was to soak Coke in a special mask mixture (see sidebar for the protocol) and wrapped him in plastic wrap to sit for 15 minutes so the product could begin its detoxifying effect.

Next was 20 minutes in an ozone bath with Mineral H Shampoo¸ followed by conditioning and hydrating the skin with Derma Plus conditioner and added Ph Balance and Ginkgo Oil. Chen was sent home with SK serum and Sil Plus mixture to apply to the dog 2-3 times a day.

Chen returned with Coke for four more therapy sessions over the next few weeks¸ renting a car for the trip each time. There were visible results of improvement each time—and around the third session new hair growth was showing over Coke’s entire body.

June 19
June 130
July 14

Coke’s coat was not just fully restored in 90 days— it was stunningly gorgeous!

Unfortunately Sweet Pet Salon does not have a website, but for more information and photos from Joanna Yeh in China—please see her Facebook Page

Interior of Sweet Pet Salon, Nanyang China
Joanna Yeh’s Professional Background with Iv San Bernard

Coke’s ISB Protocol

First Session June 9:
Step 1: PEK (300ml/.62 cup) + k101 (30ml/2 TBS) + Orange PEK (180ml/ ¾ Cup) Wrap in plastic wrap. 15mins.
Step 2: Mineral H shampoo (130ml/ ½ cup)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.
Step 3: Derma Plus conditioner (300ml/.62 cup) + PH Balance (60ml/ ¼ cup) + Ginkgo Oil (50 drops)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.

At Home: Apply SK and SIL plus every day.

Second Session (June 19):
Step 1: Derma Complex Shampoo (130 ml/ ½ cup)
Step 2: Derma Plus Conditioner (250ml/ 1 cup) + PH Balance (50ml/ 3 TBS) + PEK (40ml/ 2.5 TBS) + K101(10ml/2 tsp) + Ginkgo Oil (30 drops)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.

Third Session (June 30):
Step 1: Derma Complex Shampoo (130ml/ ½ cup)
Step 2: Derma Plus Conditioner (250ml/1 cup) + PH Balance (120ml/ ½ cup) + PEK (20ml/1.3 TBS) + K101 (10ml/2 tsp) + Ginkgo Oil (30 drops)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.

Fourth Session (July 14):
Step 1: Caviar Shampoo (150ml/.62 cup)
Step 2: Caviar Conditioner (200ml/.83 cup) + PH (60ml/ ¼ cup) + PEK (20ml/1.3 TBS) + K101 (10ml/2 tsp) +Ginkgo Oil (20 drops)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.

Fifth Session (Now repeating every 21 days):
Step 1: Banana shampoo (traditional plus) (150ml/.62 cup)
Step 2: Banana conditioner (traditional plus) (180ml/ ¾ cup) + PH Balance (50ml/3.3 TBS) + PEK (20ml/1.3 TBS)+ K101 (10ml/2 tsp) + Ginkgo Oil (20 drops)
Ozone bath set on Program Five 20 mins.