“Abbott’s Story” By: Marni Hills

“I told you Chris¸ I really don’t see the value of paying so much money for an ‘Ozone Machine.’ How much difference can it really make?” said Chris’s husband John.

“John¸ I’m telling you that I’ve seen and heard that Iv San Bernard’s products can do some amazing stuff.” replied Chris¸ “You place this mat in the bottom of the tub and it bubbles up super ozonated water like a dog Jacuzzi! They love how it feels¸ its super relaxing¸ and it alleviates all kinds of inflammation in their joints and skin…”

Chris and John Trovato have owned Furry Friends Pet Spa in Yorba Linda California for over 20 years. “Well¸ I just don’t see how it can be that effective” said John with finality.

Chris sighed¸ “Ok”….

That conversation was a couple years ago. Last year¸ John was looking through their books and told Chris they had a little extra money and she could select ONE major improvement to make in their salon. She brought up Iv San Bernard again. This time he reluctantly agreed. They would enroll three of their staff members in the “Certified Pet Aesthetician” program offered through the company.

What they witnessed and learned through that months-long training program convinced the frugal John to purchase not only the ozone machine but a large selection of Iv San Bernard products for their salon. They are just now beginning to offer the skin and coat therapies to their clients.

The Trovato household is overflowing with an animal menagerie including five dogs¸ an African Grey parrot and a couple donkeys. Their love for all kinds of animals is readily apparent. In a sad turn of events¸ Chris and John recently had to make the difficult decision that it was time to euthanize their eleven year old arthritic standard poodle Abbott. He was going blind and could barely walk anymore. His back was hunched up and he seemed to be in pain. His best friends Tula¸ Stanzi¸ Han Solo and Pringles would try to get him to play outside but he wouldn’t¸ or couldn’t¸ join in. When everyone ran back inside for dinner¸ Abbott would have to be carried back into the house. He didn’t seem to be enjoying life anymore. It was time.

Chris told John that she was going to give Abbott a luxurious ozone bubble bath and use all the best Iv San Bernard products on him as a final treat the day before he was to be put to sleep. John questioned whether all that fuss was necessary but Chris insisted that he get this gift¸ as a thank you for all the gifts he had given them through the years….

With a heavy heart Chris and John carried Abbott to the salon for his final spa day. Chris fired up the Ozone bath and started applying the correct ISB products for Abbott’s specific needs. (See sidebar for recipe and products) It was time for Abbott to enjoy his first-ever ozone therapy bath.

Chris was having a really hard time and broke down. She asked her groomer-in-training Ally to take over and went to sit in the office. She didn’t want Abbott to see her tears.

Ally finished Abbott’s bath with a rinse of the shampoo and final soak– adding a few drops of triple oil to his Pek conditioner. She lifted him over to dry him on a table and called in to Chris¸ “He’s all dry—ready for you to finish.” Chris came out to finish brushing Abbott. She lifted him down to the floor and turned away from him to tidy up. When she turned back to pick him up–no Abbott.

Chris glanced around the salon. John and everyone else were staring open-mouthed. Abbott was wandering happily and confidently around¸ wagging and sniffing with a gleeful expression.

“Oh my god! That is so wonderful!” Chris exclaimed. Then she added cautiously¸ “But you know sometimes old dogs can rally for a day or so before the end.”

“He probably needs to go out for a bathroom break¸” Ally said.

“Sure go ahead and take him out– but if he’s having trouble just pick him up and carry him.” Chris replied.

Outside the salon¸ Abbott didn’t just walk easily¸ he pulled Ally toward the park next door¸ wanting to explore. Chris called the clinic and told the vet that they would NOT be bringing Abbott in the next day.

That was five weeks ago. John now knows beyond a doubt– the true value of that ozone machine and all the Iv San Bernard products and their incredible healing properties. Abbott continues to feel great with a weekly ozone bath. Chris and John were so impressed by the amazing effects that ISB products can have when properly applied by a Certified Pet Aesthetician¸ that the ISB training is now mandatory for all their employees. (John included!) They are currently converting their salon to using ISB products exclusively….

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Abbott’s Iv San Bernard Products and Recipes:

Step 1: Apply Purifying Mask over trunk of body¸ let sit wrapped in warm towel 10 mins.

Step 2: Fully rinse off mask and apply combo Zolfo/Mineral Plus Shampoo (Abbott had some patchy skin/hair loss issues).

Step 3: Place dog in small tub w Ozone mat at the bottom for 20 mins.  Use a cup to continuously ladle the water over parts not submerged in water. Dip a washcloth into the bath to carefully apply around the face and head.

Step 4: Remove dog from tub.  Fully rinse the shampoo and apply combo PH Balance with Pek and a few drops of Triple Oil—Let sit 10 mins.

Rinse and dry with your favorite methods.