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A bar containing a half a liter of concentrated Silver Clean lotion and Cristal Clean shampoo. It reduces oxidation and removes yellow/red stains from white coats. To be applied directly on beards, the eye area and feet. Easy to apply: just moisten bar, rub on dog to lather, rinse or wipe clean with a cloth. Invigorating scent. Seems to last forever. Specially formulated shampoo-soap for removing yellow stains out of white coats, such as the beard, the corners of the eye, feet etc. Instructions for use: Wet the coat and apply DIAMONDS. Leave for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Strongly yellowed hair can be treated best with a mix of CRISTAL CLEAN SHAMPOO and SILVER CLEAN LOTION of Iv San Bernard, before using DIAMONDS.


TESTIMONIAL: “JLo loves to dig in Sedona red dirt, and we have a yard with gardens to entertain her. Bentley, too, but maybe not so much as JLo. The iron oxide in the soil makes for a really tough stain, and JLo usually has gone around with pink feet. Last week, she escaped into the garden while the irrigation system was running, and she had a wonderful time! I ran out after her, but by that time, she was such a mess, I just let her play. I bought a Diamond Bar the last time I was in your office and figured it would get a good test. I followed the directions you gave me about letting it sit and used it again at the conclusion of her shampoo. I thought you might like to see the results…see the attachment.” Jan Lockhart


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