From The Desk of Dr. Faver

Quantity Control – You Don’t Need that Much

By far the biggest learning curve when you start using Iv San Bernard products is mentally gearing down as to how little you need to use to get phenomenal results. I liken it from feeding a Great Dane to feeding a Chihuahua. It really is hard to make that transition! In fact in most cases people over feed the Chihuahua (when was the last time you saw a skinny Chihuahua). In most dogs, we talk in teaspoons and tablespoons, not cups. Always mix up half of what you think you need to see how far it goes as you can always mix up more. If you have left overs, then mix less next time (refer to our suggested amounts). You only need enough product to feel the slip of the product on the coat. Any more than that or any in the tub is wasted product.