From The Desk of Dr. Faver

Why Some Skin Infections Just Won’t Go Away

Often you will have pets who have a bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection that is being treated, but the problem just never seems to go away. Or you may have the “bacterial” problem that smells like yeast to you. Here are the facts:

  1. Bacteria and yeast (fungus) are in competition. If you just treat one, often the other one will take off.
  2. Bacterial and yeast (fungal) infections are almost always secondary. Meaning, something else is going on. Bacteria and fungus are present on our skin and hair normally and only when given an opportunity do they over-grow. Therefore, most commonly, there is another issue that has allowed the bacteria/fungus to over-grow.
  3. One of the more common causes of infection is an interruption of the sebum layer. Often this is caused by grooming products that strip the hair and skin and the lack of good hydrating conditioners leaving the sebum layer compromised.

I recommend the All-in-One Therapy Pack to address skin issues, that way you deal with both the bacteria and the fungus at the same time.