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Hydra Skin Problem Shampoo (the best line)

Hydra shampoo with lavender extract: the calming and soothing properties of lavender make this shampoo particularly suitable for sensitive and

Orion Shampoo (Medium Coat) (the best line)

Orion shampoo with honey extract: it is a shampoo specific for medium coated dogs and cats. The polyphenols in honey,

Andromeda Shampoo (the best line)

Andromeda shampoo with rosehip extract: it is a specific shampoo for dogs and cats with devitalized coats and very sensitive

Aquarius Antioxidant Shampoo (the best line)

Aquarius shampoo with red vine extract: it is a nourishing shampoo for any type of coat of dogs and cats.

Cassiopeia Shampoo (short coat) (the best line)

Cassiopeia shampoo with acacia extract: it is a shampoo specific for short- coated dogs and cats. Acacia collagen, naturally produced

Zeo-Therm Shampoo SLS Free

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Zeolithe Products are designed to be used as a complete system for Pets that are experiencing,


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