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Cassiopeia Shampoo (short coat) (the best line)

Cassiopeia shampoo with acacia extract: it is a shampoo specific for short- coated dogs and cats. Acacia collagen, naturally produced

Soft Slicker Brush w/tip (XL)

These Paw Brothers Universal Type slickers feature curved brush heads. Made from stainless steel soft pins that are plastic coated

Cassiopeia Conditioner (short coat) (the best line)

Cassiopeia conditioner with acacia extract: it is a specific conditioner for short-coated dogs and cats. Acacia collagen, naturally produced by


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This product requires consultation prior to use and purchase. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Please call or text us at 855.464.8726 WHAT IS HYPERICUM OIL? Also known as Saint John’s Wort Oil, it is an infused oil obtained from the maceration of fresh fowers of Hypericum Perforatum, a plant known as Saint John’s Wort. Thanks to its special and rich composition, hypericum oil boasts a series of properties that make it an excellent remedy for various skin conditions. The Iv San Bernard products of the Derm line, the DERM Y6 Shampoo, the DERM Z5 Conditioner with hypericum extract, and the DERM X7 St. John’s Oil with hypericum infused oil, are therefore recommended for damaged, stressed skin with a tendency to redness.

Medium Vinyl Trach Saver

The Vinyl Trach Saver® is a grooming lead unlike any other. Designed to put absolutely no pressure on the pet’s

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract For Cats

Dr. Fossum's feline hemp extract is specially formulated to be a potent source of hemp extract but still be tasty due to the addition of salmon flavoring. . On top of this, they have added additional terpenes to ensure your cat benefits from the entourage effect. What they don’t have in their product is THC because THC is the compound in cannabis that is responsible for getting you “high” and THC can be toxic to cats.

Equine Hand Sponge

Perfect sponge to use when shampooing and conditioning horses and other large animals.  Easy to hold and grip.