CBD Explained! By Cliff Faver DVM

Isn’t that just a fancy name for marijuana? No, there is a distinct difference.  Yes, both products are produced by hemp plants of the genius Cannabis, however, the difference is in the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that is produced. THC is the compound that creates the psychotropic effects (hallucinogenic).  CBD products should have .3% or less THC.  Due to the fairly new market of CBD, the FDA has not regulated its use, therefore, the levels are all over the board.  Why is this important?  Too much THC is toxic to the pets!  If you have a product with high THC levels and the company has not compensated for those amounts in the dosing, it is potentially dangerous for the pets.

CBD is a significant part of the medicinal aspect of the hemp.  So, in a pure form you get the medical benefits without the “high” of the marijuana (or potential toxicity).  The challenging part of CBD is that the regulatory agencies and the medical boards do not always differentiate the two.  Even though CBD is legal on a national level (Farm Bill 2018), each state and even different agencies in an individual state have opposing views.

The reality is that CBD is a powerful substance when it comes to arthritis, anxiety issues, immune issues, pain, and inflammatory type conditions.

We at Iv San Bernard are always looking at safe ways to relieve inflammation without relying on steroids or immunosuppressive drugs that have the potential of long-term side effects.  We feel based on the science that CBD has a huge potential toward this goal.

Some believe that CBD only has effects in the nervous system, however, the science that excites us the most is the discovery that the skin is full of CBD receptors. If we can control inflammation, the healing process should be accelerate greatly.

CBD is classified as a nutraceutical, which means it has not gained the classification as a medicine that would come under the FDA scrutiny.  This lack of classification is the reason that there is so much variation in the products. There is not the same oversight as to purity, toxins, impurities, THC or even analyzation of amounts listed on the bottle.  CBD has also been expedited to the market because of its recent popularity, which equates to “buyer beware”!  The problem is as a consumer or as a pet professional, it is difficult to know where to find this information.

Why did we decide on Dr Fossum’s Pet Care CBD?  First, I trust Dr. Fossum.  She is one of the most respected veterinarians in her field.  Her textbook “Small Animal Surgery” is one of the most widely used by veterinarians and veterinary schools for surgery.  As a surgeon, she understands the significance of anti-inflammatories in the healing process.

Second, Dr. Fossum has done it right by making certain that her products are very pure. In addition, she has multiple certifications to back up her claims.  She has also added CBG’s, another powerful, but expensive Cannabinoid, that the less expensive products do not include.  CBD and CBG work synergistically to enhance the benefits.

Third, Dr Fossum has scientifically formulated a dosing schedule.  Unlike many other products this is not a guess.  The research has been done to assure the product will be delivered at an effective dose.

We at Iv San Bernard USA are excited about adding this valuable tool to our toolbox in our quest to help as many animals as possible.  Please feel free to contact Dr Faver for information on sales or potential uses of these products on our pets.

Note: Dr Faver cannot be versed in all the state and local laws, so it is very important for you to be aware of any local or state regulations on the sales, recommendation of, or use in your individual area.

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