Brushing and/or combing a dry coat is never recommended. Lack of hydration will make the hair brittle which can often cause breakage. It is also very hard on, and even painful, for a lot of pets.

Sometimes we get frustrated with clients who are not brushing at home, but maybe we need to give better direction so it isn’t such a negative experience for both client and pet. One of the things we can do to alleviate discomfort is to use a brushing spray. Any of our conditioners diluted 1:8 with water and put in a spray bottle, work very well for hydrating the coat and making it easier to run a comb through. Our H270 is also a wonderful product. You use very little H270: one or two sweeping squirts about 18″ over the dog is adequate. Let it settle on the coat and then comb/brush.

After you give them a brief demonstration, send home a small bottle of your preferred hydrating/brushing spray and the correct brush/comb for their dog’s coat.

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