Pet shampoos are made up of either detergents or alcohols to help remove dirt by removing some of the sebum layer. The more harsh the shampoo, the more sebum it removes. If too much sebum is removed by a harsh shampoo, or you bathe without using a hydrating conditioner, there is greater chance you will cause dry, itchy skin. Often dry, itchy skin is mistaken for allergies and can lead to other skin issues, both of which can cost the client a lot of money and the pet a lot of misery. So how can you tell if you are using a harsh shampoo in your grooming salon? First and foremost, how do your hands feel at the end of the day? Dry and sore? Pets are 6-8 times more sensitive than you are. So if your hands hurt, the pet hurts worse. Second, does your shampoo make a lot of bubbles? The more bubbles, the more detergent. Unfortunately, we have accepted that our hands hurt at the end of the day and we are convinced that more bubbles result in better cleansing. When you use a mild shampoo and a good hydrating conditioner correctly, the dog will be just as clean (if not cleaner) and neither one of you will have dry skin. In fact, your hands should be better, not worse, at the end of the day.
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