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K101 with Avocado Oil

SPECIFIC FOR: Detangling and conditioning. Incredible deep conditioner made from avocado oil. Fantastic for dematting and for restructuring damaged hair. Dilute 1:90 with water for restructuring and light dematting. For severe matts, use pure and massage directly into tangles. Provides a shiny, silky coat. Specially developed to give a shiny, silky coat. Thanks to its moisturising properties, K101 stops dry coats looking dull and lifeless, makes them easier to groom and prevents tangles from forming. K101 saves you valuable grooming time. Instructions for use: may be used on dry coat if the animal’s coat is very tangled and you do not wish to cut it. Cut out the worst tangles, mix the K101 with the hot water (half and half) and apply the product to the dog’s coat. With matted coats, leave on for one hour. After rinsing the coat, mix the K101 with hot water (half and half), apply and leave to act for a few minutes. Rinse and dry. Depending on the quantities used, there may be no need to rinse. (Water 90% no rinsing). Please note: K101 may make the coat oily. Shake well before use.

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