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AARONCO Honeycomb Pocket Pal

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AARONCO  Honeycomb Pocket Pal


5″ comb with 33 fine / 17 coarse teeth, perfect for the small dog

Sam Kohl’s tools are DESIGNED WITH THE GROOMER IN MIND! Not only to protect their most valuable asset, their hands, but to protect the dogs and cats as well.  There are NO SHARP EDGES on any of his products, so they are not only comfortable in their hands, they won’t cause stress to the CARPAL TUNNEL!

The design and engineering for all the HONEYCOMB®S is to ensure that the pins are smoothly rounded so they will pass easily through the coats. All ends and sides of the tops are smoothed so that they are comfortable for the groomers to hold and won’t hurt the dogs’ skin.

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