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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I start?

    That’s a big question! Please read Dr. Faver’s message, “Getting Started with Iv San Bernard

    Why should I use conditioner?

    Even the gentlest cleansing products remove the natural oils from your pet. In order to maintain good hydration for a healthy coat, you need to put back the oils you have removed. Our conditioners are humectants (they absorb into the skin to hydrate), and put back the natural oils that were lost. You will see the difference after just one bath!

    How often should I bathe my pet?

    The skin cycle is about 21 days. So routine bathing should be done every 3-4 weeks.

    During what stage of bathing do I use the ozone hydro-massage spa?

    During the shampoo/cleansing phase and only with Iv San Bernard products.

    How is the ozone hydro-massage spa different from other spa-bubbling equipment?

    Iv San Bernard’s ozone spa just doesn’t create bubbles, it creates the powerful, but safe, oxidizer known as ozone. Ozone is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral and can take weeks off your skin therapies.

    What kind of tub do I use the ozone hydro-massage machine in?

    Iv San Bernard sells a beautiful stainless steel tub for your salon, however, you can use a Rubber Maid tub, as long as you can fit enough water and the pet, inside (don’t forget to create a drain).

    What’s the best shampoo for my pet?

    Our Traditional line (and Traditional Plus) are formulated for specific coat types: short, medium, and long. Each coat type has a specific need and our shampoos and conditioners were created with those needs in mind. Therefore, if your pet has normal, healthy skin and hair use:

    Short: Lemon; Medium: Banana; Long and cats: Green Apple; Senior: Green Tomato; Puppy: Talc

    Do you have medicated shampoos?

    We have natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic shampoos that do not contain alcohol.

    Do you have products for allergies?

    We recommend our Mineral Red line for pets with allergies and/or sensitive skin.

    My dog has been sprayed by a skunk! What do I do?

    Use a technique we call CLOSE/OPEN/CLOSE with our Green Tomato shampoo and conditioner. Click here for instructions. It really works!

    How much product do I use to my pet?

    Our products are concentrated and should be diluted 1 part product to 3 parts water. Additionally, our bathing techniques were perfected in Italy and we teach to apply less for more time. Instead of washing all your shampoo and conditioner down the drain, apply it all over the pet and let it sit for 5 minutes. Click here for a usage guide based on coat type and size of the pet.

    Are Iv San Bernard products safe if they get into mouth/eyes?

    Yes. However they are not meant for humans and may be detrimental if used continuously for that purpose.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is free when you order $100 or more to the continental United States.

    How do I sign up for the Groomer discount?

    Click here to sign up for the wholesale or groomer discount. You will need to attach a photo of your EIN (Employer Identification Number) or tax ID number.

    How much is the 5000ml jug in English Units?

    5000ml is about 1-1/3 gallon.