MODULE 1 – 2nd Edition! The Science of Skin Video Learning Series


2nd Edition – The Science of Skin Video Learning Series (Module 1)

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The 2nd Edition – The Science of Skin Video Learning Series! (Module 1 of the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program)

Dr. Cliff Faver teaches The Science of Skin learning series for an in-depth education on the basic science of skin, just like his seminars. Over 5 hours of video featuring skin and hair science basics, the needs of short, medium and long coats, causes of hair and skin issues, solutions to hair and skin issues, and never before offered extras. Once you have finished the series, take the tests to receive a Science of Skin Completion Certificate and then move onto the next module. (These videos are for EVERYONE even if you are not interested in the CPA program.)


Over 5 Hours of video

Full color illustrated workbook

Testing for 1 student: a $60 value!

The Science of Skin Certificate of Completion

Designer storage box


  • Basic Science of Skin and Hair
  • Needs of the Short Coat
  • Needs of the Medium Coat
  • Needs of the Long Coat
  • Causes of Hair and Skin Issues
  • Solutions for those issues
  • Extras – ears, anal glands, toe nails and more!


“I learned a lot more about skin and hair care than I thought I would. It is also broken down into small enough sections that make it easy to retain the information.” -Tina Crawford, Certified Pet Aesthetician – THE DOG ZONE

“This has been a priceless experience and a journey I’m so happy to have made. I’ve had a great support along the way and feel vastly improved now as a professional. I can’t wait to return to AMCV and better serve both my pet and human clients.” – Rachel Ihlenfeldt, Certified Pet Aesthetician – ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER of the VILLAGE

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Get a CERTIFICATE! Upon passing your tests, you will receive a certificate for the first module (The Science of Skin) and you may move on to the next module.

The videos may be viewed by anyone at the same location however the price includes testing for just 1 person. If additional persons wish to test, they may do so for $60 per test package (2 tests). Visit here to buy additional tests and fill out the additional student testing information form!


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