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    Italy Expo & Gala Fee


    Iv San Bernard Italy is hosting their own 2 day grooming expo in Empoli, Italy June 9th-10th, 2019. There is a large showroom and there will be various events and seminars. On Sunday, June 9th   they have organized a big grooming show -named “A style for everyone” – with groomers from all over the world (Italy, United States, France, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan), it will be a proper show,  groomers will prepare a scene with a video presentation, giving a theme to the show .

    After the event they have also organized a three day seminar with Monique at their academy given in ENGLISH. You will be joined by groomers and distributors from China and Taiwan. Of course it is not mandatory to remain for the whole period, you can stay just one or two days, according to your needs.

    This is the admissions fee to the Expo and Gala. Attendees are responsible for all travel expenses. 

    Please contact us at for more information.