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    “Mayzie’s Story” by: Marni Hills

    Certified Pet Aesthetician Joshua Medenblik received a call one afternoon from LuvNPupz Rescue in Grand Rapids Michigan.

    “We’ve rescued a sweet Pitbull from the local shelter and her skin looks just terrible. The vet is giving her Bravecto for Demodex Mange. Is there anything you can do for her comfort in the meantime?” asked Maysie’s foster mom.

    Joshua replied¸ ”Probably! Bring her in tomorrow and we will take a look.”

    Maysie arrived at VIP Grooming Salon the next day. She was a young (apparently grey) and white Pit with horrendous skin. Inflamed¸ red¸ itchy and a lot of patchy hair loss. Joshua could only imagine her pain¸ knowing that this condition had gone untreated at the shelter for several months due to lack of resources….

    Joshua started Mayzie out on a five week course of therapies using Iv San Bernard products like Purifying Mask¸ Zolfo shampoo for the infection¸ and soothing Ph Balance conditioner with added oils to promote skin healing. They tried having her soak in the ozone bath as well but she was too frightened of the bubbles. The products work without the ozone bath –so it just took a little longer to see the final results.

    Mayzie was a sweet and loving dog who only grew more affectionate as she started to heal and feel better.

    Mayzie’s foster mom was overjoyed at the progress Mayzie made in just over a month. This case is a great example of how veterinarian care for the inside (giving Bravecto orally) and a Certified Pet Aesthetician working to heal the skin from the outside can really accelerate hair regrowth.

    LuvNPupz rescue group was also thrilled with the results¸ and healthy happy Mayzie was adopted soon after she fully healed. Joshua reported that on her last day of therapy treatment, she covered him with kisses to say thank you for how good he made her feel.

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    Mayzie’s Iv San Bernard Protocol

    • Step 1–Detox: Apply Purifying Mask for 15 Mins wrapped in warm wet towel
    • Step 2–Cleanse: Zolfo Shampoo in Ozone for 20 minutes (Mayzie was frightened by the bubbling ozone so only her first therapy included this step). The remaining Zolfo baths were done in standard tub.
    • Step 3– Hydrate: Mix PH Balance with Gingko, Olive, & Argan Oils¸ soak for 15 Mins. Rinse.
    • Mayzie came in once a week for five weeks.
    • At home her foster mom was instructed to apply “Mineral Mist” to be sprayed on dog 1-2x per day (Orange Pek mixed with Hair & Skin Lotions)

    Marni Hills is a freelance marketing writer who focuses on animal welfare and the grooming industry. She is also an NDGAA-registered groomer and Certified Pet Aesthetician.