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    Linda Wontroba

    I took your suggestion and purchased the Mineral red line shampoo and conditioner. I conditioned shampooed and conditioned again, just as you suggested and the results are phenomenal. She now has silky feeling hair and remains silky today, 5 days later. With other shampoos/conditioners she only looked good the first couple hours after I bathed/groomed…

    Klare Potter

    Thank you! Thank you for improving my business and taking my grooming to a whole new level. The classes I’ve taken have been inspirational and I’m now so booked out I’m unable to accept new customers.

    Jeanette Anson

    I have recently seen multiple posts from groomers suffering from cracked, dry, sore, sometimes even bloody split hands. Everyone blames winter….but what I just recently realized is this is the first time in 22 years of grooming that my hands are NOT this same way! I haven’t even been using hand lotion!!!! Crazy the difference…