Besides our Core Products – Routine Bathing, Allergy, and Therapy  – Iv San Bernard has products to address just about any situation that walks in the door. WHITENING PRODUCTS – shampoo, conditioner and additives to remove the yellow from white coats, the red from black coats, and the dullness from silver/grey coats. Will also remove tear stains and urine stains. ANTI-ODOR PRODUCTS – from skunk smells, to older dogs, cats or the pet just rolled in something, we have several shampoos and conditioners to combat the smelly situation. PEST SOLUTIONS  – we have several bathing products to chose from to repel and help control fleas and ticks. SHOW GROOMING PRODUCTS – products to put the final touch on your groom whether for the show ring or just for that extra WOW! factor.
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