Mix products together to create your own ointment or spray.

When doing a therapy regiment, offering something for the client to take home and apply to the affected area does two things: first, it makes the client feel like they are doing something to help (which they are); and second, it helps keep you, and your work, on track for success.

Iv San Bernard offers many options already made to send home, like Mineral Red SL Serum, Mineral Red SOS Gel, Argan Oil, the Mineral H & Mineral Plus lotions, and Caviar Nutritive. However, Iv San Bernard has come up with three sprays and an ointment you can and use in your salon and/or send home with the client.

TRIPLE OIL – to treat the skin

MINERAL MIST – to help regrow hair

PEK HYDRATION SPRAY – to hydrate and moisturize


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