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    “Abbott’s Story” By: Marni Hills

    “I told you Chris¸ I really don’t see the value of paying so much money for an ‘Ozone Machine.’ How much difference can it really make?” said Chris’s husband John. “John¸ I’m telling you that I’ve seen and heard that Iv San Bernard’s products can do some amazing stuff.” replied Chris¸ “You place this mat...

    “Mayzie’s Story” by: Marni Hills

    Certified Pet Aesthetician Joshua Medenblik received a call one afternoon from LuvNPupz Rescue in Grand Rapids Michigan. “We’ve rescued a sweet Pitbull from the local shelter and her skin looks just terrible. The vet is giving her Bravecto for Demodex Mange. Is there anything you can do for her comfort in the meantime?” asked Maysie’s...
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