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    Routine Horse Bathing

    Basic Horse Shampoo Needs





    Routine baths – no issues or for the main part of the body if treating a localized issue.

    • Banana shampoo
    • Banana conditioner

    Mane and tail routine

    • Banana shampoo
    • Orange PEK conditioner (can mix with Banana conditioner also)

    Hair growth- mane and tail or can be used whole body

    • Mineral H shampoo
    • pH Balance conditioner (helpful to mix in Orange PEK also)

    Open sores, summer itch, cuts and/or abrasions- only on affected area
    Weekly to twice weekly cleaning based on amount of debris

    • close- open- close technique
    • Purifying Mask (conditioner)- first close
    • Mineral Plus Crème shampoo (antibacterial) and Zolfo (anti-fungal) shampoo mixed – open
    • pH Balance conditioner- second close

         Daily Treatment

    • Triple oil- light spray once to twice daily on affected area
    • Ozonized olive oil, Ginkgo oil, Oligo elements – mix equal parts in spray bottle.
    • Mix in small  quantities for maximum benefit

    Products for a show

    • Atami H270 Spray -lightly over-spray and brush in. Leaves a shine to mane, tail, and coat. Makes the mane and tail much easier to comb out or braid.
    • Caviar Luminance- lightly over-spray and brush in. Leaves a shine to mane, tail, and coat. Excellent for catching the light.

    Basic Technique

    • All shampoo and conditioning products are a 1:3 dilution
    • Whisk the product to make it foamy and easier to apply
    • Wet the horse; then apply shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes, rinse; leave conditioner on for 5 minutes, then rinse.
    • If doing a close-open-close technique, leave the first close on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.
    • Hydrating spray is made by using any PEK conditioner at a 1:8 dilution in a spray bottle. Best to mix in a mixing bowl first and then pour into the bottle as it does not mix well in the bottle.
    • If doing a therapy, only do the affected area with the Therapy Pack. The rest of the horse can be washed with Banana (less expensive) shampoo and conditioner.