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    SPECIFIC for Brightening and removing yellow stains from white coats and red/brown on black dogs resulting form oxidation. Highlights silver on grey dogs. Formulated with silver which goes straight to the cortex to give back its true color. To be used with Cristal Clean shampoo to DOUBLE whitening effect. Gentle non-oxidizing formula will not irritate the skin. NOTE: Do NOT use on a dog which has had oxidizing products such as bleach…dog will turn blue! To prepare dog, or if you are unsure, start first with a purifying treatment to bring coat back to a neutral state. Silver Clean Lotion Ultra Light: diminishes yellow and red stains from the coat. No rinse formula. Great retail item for clients with problem tear and beard stains. Use with Cristal Clean. FOR USE ON: | BICHON FRISE . HAVANESE | MALTESE | BOLOGNESE | WHITE POODLE . GREY / BLACK POODLE | SAMOYED . HUSKIES . BLACK LAB / SHEPHERD Lotion for white coats. The lotion removes yellow stains from the white coat. Instructions for use: Dilute SILVER CLEAN LOTION with CRISTAL CLEAN SHAMPOO (1 part of lotion to 1 part of shampoo). Leave for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Note: do not use on coats treated with oxidizing products.