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    FOR ITCHY & DAMAGED SKIN- Derma Gel S.O.S. gives natural analgesic &anti-inflammatory relief for hot spots, wounds, abrasions, scratches, cuts, burns and much more! DERMA GEL S.O.S. is a gel formulated with a composition made up of natural active ingredients such as zanthalene,calendula, chamomile and menthol, plants that are capable of giving a sensation of well-being and relief from itchiness. In fact, these natural ingredients can give anesthetic-like immediate relief. For irritated skin, zanthalene has a powerful calming effect along with the carotenoids found in calendula, the cellular hydration of the skin visibly improves, favoring the closure of any injuries caused by a pet’s attempt to scratch itself. Chamomile, which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, gives a calming remedy mixed with the refreshing, decongesting and slightly analgesic virtues of menthol, relieves itchiness and irritation. DERMA GEL S.O.S. can be applied directly to the affected areas delicately and can be repeated 3 times on the first day. For optimal results use with SL SERUM and SK SERUM.

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